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This isn't love.


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There Is No Room For Fear In Love

Speaking about domestic abuse has to stop being taboo. By allowing fear and discomfort to be reasons these conversations don’t take place creates a haven for this dangerous reality to propagate.

Safety is a basic human right, and when there’s a reality in the United States of 1 in 7 men and 1 in 4 women being a victim of severe physical violence it only becomes obvious that we’re not talking about it enough.

These offenses are largely disproportionate against woman. As a human living in a masculine driven society and as a man; a man with a mother, a sister, a female partner and a daughter, I have an obligation to promote the value of gender equality, to stand against women being seen as lesser and actively pursue a better, safer environment for us all to live in.

This starts with the safety of being able to speak about these issues.

Open conversations can diffuse the power of fear and hopefully diminish the harmful climate where we, as a society, have allowed this cultural ill to continue to exist. I’m inspired by the strength of resilience. The video for "Janine" and the Janine Project were created to encourage a conversation that will hopefully lead victims to a safe place of survivorship and abusers to seek help as well & stop hurting others.

Fear is not a place where love can grow. If you’re in a relationship ruled by fear, get out while you can, this isn’t Love!

Jake Clemons

We Want Your Voice To Be Heard

We will be reaching out to shelters and organizations in the areas Jake will be performing to give them an opportunity at his shows to share information about the services they offer. If you would like your organization to be considered please complete the following form:

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